About Us

About Us

Thanks for your interest in multibliz.com we specialize in providing useful information to our visitors concerning Career, Learn Resource, Educational feeds, Technology and other related attributes.

Our Aims

Our major aim is to build our peoples initiatives on current career and educative events, strengthens them on what they need and other necessary information.

We will always strive to bring up-to-date information; In academics, we covers all  trending international and local gist such as Job recruitment, Technology, and entertainments . In career news feed; we strive to provide a confidential guide for recruitment, job application processes/requirements, workshop placement for every opportunity. We aim to bring you all latest trending gist from all our categories.

Our Vision

To provide potential, credible and quality information To always provide an unvarnished insight into careers, technology and other related feed. Create ability to be impartial and to all sides but will also take position on issues where necessary. Simple because everyone is entitle to an opinion and to express it, without fear or favor.

Our duty

Our duty is to be truthful, and be fair to all. To build strong relationship with other organizations around the world by working with other expert and education professionals, so we can combine our strength to offer  job seekers and inquisitive learners an enhance advice and opportunity.