Home Technology US Citizenship Form Application Free Download: US Citizenship Form N-400 Online

US Citizenship Form Application Free Download: US Citizenship Form N-400 Online

US Citizenship Form

US Citizenship Form – Form N-400 is the most appropriate form used to apply for US Citizenship through naturalization. The use of the Form N-400 is applicable to only the green card holders who are recognized as the lawful permanent residents in the United. However, certain eligibility requirements must be met in order to file a valid N-400 form in request for citizenship.


No matter how much the US Citizenship application fee is, it wouldn’t sound so great to throw it to the mud due to ignorance. Below are some of the eligibility requirements to be met in order to make a successful US Citizenship Application through naturalization (Form N-400).

How to Renew My Expiring Green Card (Form Permanent Resident Card)

US Citizenship Application Form: How to make a Successful US Citizenship Application

Applicants are expected to be;

1. 18 years or more.

2. Green card holders (lawful permanent residents for 5 years or 3 years if married to a US citizen). Which entails; maintain continuous residence and physical presence during these periods.

How To Apply for US Citizenship Application through Naturalization using Form N-400

3. Of good character, conduct and behaviour.

4. Fluent and have a good command of English language.

5. Be willing to accept and take the Oath of Allegiance.

Why you should Apply for US Citizenship Form

However, Besides the fact that you can now obtain the US Citizenship Application Form online and make your US Citizenship Applications on your own, here are other things you stand to gain as a US Citizen;

  • TRAVEL WITHOUT BORDERS: Once you have filed a successful US Citizenship Form and being granted citizenship, you will be able to travel overseas with a US passport! You will also get assistance from the US government and enjoy full protection during any of your trips.

Whereas Permanent residents may lose their status if they leave the country for a certain period of time, your time spent outside the country is not restricted.

  •  ENJOY BENEFITS: You will be able to enjoy social security and free Medicare.
  •  WORK IN FEDERAL ORGANIZATIONS: Download the US Citizenship Application Form and stand a chance to be eligible for most federal jobs in America.
  •  OBTAIN CITIZENSHIP FOR KIDS BORN ABROAD: As a US Citizen, your children who are born outside the country automatically become US citizens.
  • REUNION IN AMERICA: Most people who live in the United States are unable to invite their qualified relatives to come and live permanently in the United States. This is what you stand to gain if you are an American citizen.
  •  POWER TO VOTE: You get the right to decide who rules the great country America. Oh did I forget, your great country America.

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